In the previous blog ‘Afore ye go’ one of the reasons for moving out of a job was when an employee is expected to carry out an instruction which is in conflict with one’s ethics.  In another blog the warning was given about the possible abuse of electronic means of communication. Well, almost as though someone had read the blogs the following occurred.

An HR executive decided to conduct an organizational survey of her company, using printed old fashioned questionnaires instead of an on-line program.  The thinking was that this would ensure the anonymity of the respondents and their answers and encourage frank responses.  On completion of the survey the HR executive was instructed to give the completed questionnaires to the Chief Executive. The reason was so he could check the handwriting, identify the respondent and punish anyone whose answers were not to his liking.

In response, the HR executive immediately resigned and refused to comply with the order.  The act of removing the completed questionnaires was a brave one as it could open a matter of theft of company property.  A not unknown allegation in local business and political life.

FRRW Consulting is actively looking for a position for a highly ethical and effective HR Executive……………….

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