Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Intelligence known as AI is having an increasing influence on our lives at work and at leisure.

Moving into the second quarter of the year heralds unknown opportunities. Our client, whose identity is entirely unknown, wishes to recruit a seasoned attorney, business person or IT practitioner to prove that AI is a gift to the whole human race.

It is proposed that the research will review human activity over the past 3 500 years to show that humanity has reached its current level of development in the absence of any identifiable human intelligence. As a consequence AI should be envisaged as an opportunity for humanity to take a quantum leap into an unknown world. Further, that the idea of Augmented Intelligence is overly optimistic.

The successful researcher will hold a Doctorate from a top 200 university and have a desire to engage in post-doctoral research. She or he will be married or unmarried, able to communicate in English, French and Esperanto and be under the age of eighty four.

In view of the sensitivity of this research concept those interested should handle their curriculum vitae, qualifications and supporting motivation with utmost confidentiality. BE ASSURED THAT FRRW CONSULTING WILL DO THE SAME.

Having read this far, you are obviously someone who thinks and succeeds so If you find that this type of research is not for you, DO NOT DESPAIR. FRRW CONSULTING, Professional and Specialist Recruiters have other opportunities of a more conventional nature which you might like to discuss with one of our experienced Consultants.

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