No, not that sort of intimacy, but an idea which is occasionally hinted at but not taken seriously.  Our view is that whether you are employing an attorney or are someone joining an organization it is worth thinking about whether the new ‘relationship’ is a date, an engagement or a marriage.

There are many ways of looking at the employment relationship with the traditional understanding of employment as a mutual exchange in which an employee delivers a service in return for material rewards from the employer. We are not saying that that view is wrong but it is too narrow an approach to fully understand the nuanced ebb and flow of life at work.

Starting at the beginning of the work process it is quite easy to consider the interview as a sort of first date. But, is there only a first date? It is not uncommon that the interview or interviews result in the applicant being employed but the relationship remains a continual date in which either one or both parties never succeed in consummating the relationship. Even when this is the case it does not mean that the relationship is not mutually beneficial. However, recognizing that this is the nature of things can assist in bolstering success for employer and employee. A problem might arise if one party is certain that the position is just a date and the other has a different view. This would be a situation ripe for conflict.  Of course, recognizing the source of the conflict should assist in its resolution.

Have YOU considered if you are still on a date with your boss or employee?

Watch this space as we continue our look at other manifestations of intimacy in the workplace.

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