Anyone who has ever thought of changing jobs has been faced with questions such as ‘How can I tell my boss?’ ‘Is this the right time?’ ‘Should I take the risk?’  ‘Will my career be stronger if I stay longer?’.  I would like to suggest that your career is not only the greatest asset you will ever own but the ONLY one. Everything your will earn or enjoy or achieve will ultimately be traced back to your ability to manage your career.  So if you started thinking the first thing is to find someone to speak to about that career. As a psychologist it is not surprising that I recommend finding one to consult, although there are other professional and lay people who could be effective as well.  Not in order to hear what she or he has to say but as an opportunity to hear yourself as you go through the process of counselling.  Generally it is only you who really understands the nuances of the issues and concerns you have about your career.  What you need is an empathetic ear to bounce your thoughts against.

Going through the process may need five minutes or you may need a number of sessions. The important thing is to take yourself through a cycle starting with ‘who am I?’ and ending with ‘what do I want?’.  Only then can you arrive at a strategy to advance your career in a way which should advance your well-being and success.  Once you are at that stage the approach to recruiting yourself onto the next level in your career will become more clear and manageable.

Remember, that when you get into a business discussion about your move you are not a supplicant in an interview who must be subservient to the interviewer.  Treat the meeting as a mutual due diligence investigation. You should emerge from the two-way discussion with information on which you can make an informed decision as to whether that employer is the one you should join.

‘If not now, when?’.  Now, but only when you have information to be certain that ‘when’ is ‘now’.

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