Salary Survey

The 2016 Report on Law Firm Salaries is now available. FRRW Consulting has been providing reports and information on earnings in the legal sector for many years. These reports have been the result of survey responses and FRRW Consulting’s experience as professional legal recruiters. The reports on earnings in the corporate sector and in legal practice reflected the sort of assignments undertaken by our Consultants. However, we have found that enquiries about earnings are very specific as each applicant and employer has unique needs and concerns. As a result FRRW Consulting has decided to offer its expertise on an individualized basis. If you are seeking information on what you should pay as an employer or expect to receive as an applicant you are invited to contact us directly. This will provide an opportunity to discuss in greater detail specific needs and concerns to arrive at answers which meet your own needs. Naturally this will be a confidential discussion with no fees attached.

Below are examples of past reports which may be of interest as well as ‘The 2016 Report on Law Firm Salaries’. This short and succinct report gives accurate and current earnings of some professionals from large firms admitted in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, Candidate Attorneys and Legal Secretaries. As indicated above, please contact us to confidentially discuss any pay-related questions you may have or, indeed, about any other remuneration, career or recruitment issue.

Report on Law Firm Salaries 2016

Report on Corporate Legal Earnings 2011 2012

Report on Legal Earnings in Practice 2011 2012

Report on Corporate Legal Earnings 2011

Report on Legal Earnings in Practice 2011