A recent stay at a Johannesburg hotel left me with an eye-opening revelation. I realized that South Africa CAN succeed in lifting itself out of the proverbial hole which it has dug for itself. The experience at the hotel was, without exaggerating, perfect. Service, staff, cleanliness, facilities all beyond reproach. It then occurred to me that actually the roles being performed by ordinary South Africans were no different to those being filled in government departments and businesses. I say ‘filled’ as all too often those meant to serve us merely go to the office with little intent to perform those roles for the benefit of ‘stakeholders’. It is clear that with some good leadership and a belief that the role is important many, many problems can be overcome. Whilst training of staff is important, the essential element for success is for people to internalize the notion that they WANT to do the right thing – regardless of their position in the hierarchy. It does not require university degrees or even matriculation to develop that essential WANTING to do the right thing. It is something that should be imbued from family, associates, politicians and teachers. Like those ordinary folk at the hotel, we can do the right thing if we learn to WANT to do so and not just want things.

FRRW CONSULTING – Professional and Specialist Recruiters WANT and do the right thing right.

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