We often hear about the drawbacks of modern communication technology.  They come with many names, CYBER-BULLYING, CYBERSTALKING, CYBER-HARRASSMENT, there are possibly others.  For victims who decide to fight back a number of strategies are available, including registering a complaint with the South African Police Services or employing a specialized (and expensive) service provider. Attorneys and lawyers in family practice probably hear about cyberstalking and bullying more than other practitioners, often with a feeling of compassion and inability to help.

The following suggestion is in no way intended to minimize the trauma and hurt experienced by victims. Their lives can literally be destroyed and their psychological wellbeing destroyed through cyber attacks. When this does happen the perpetrator gains satisfaction and self-justification. The reasons for the perpetrator’s disgraceful actions could be the subject of a long and detailed blog.  For today, however, I would like to repeat the advice given to a victim of cyberstalking, advice which I have not seen elsewhere.

  1. Buy an old fashioned cell phone which cannot link to the internet.
  2. Do not activate voicemail.
  3. Disconnect your computer from the internet and landline connection.
  4. Do not use social media.
  5. Take photographs with an old fashioned film camera.
  6. Learn to use a typewriter or use paper and pen.
  7. Do not send photographs via the internet.
  8. Limit the number of images of children.
  9. If you must use the internet find safe places to do so and use different sites.

Nothing is perfect. Hate mail via snail mail has a long, long history. But mailed hate has less material to stimulate and populate the hate compared to data gained electronically.

I sincerely hope that this can help someone.

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