At this time of year it is natural – and indeed necessary – to review and evaluate how your career has progressed so far. And to assess where you wish it to go in the future.

A prerequisite for successful evaluation is Honesty. It may sound obvious, you might say, “of course I can be totally honest with myself, if only because I know myself better than anyone else”. Right? Wrong. The key to this personal evaluation is to recognise that serious self – honesty will only emerge after some hard work. Like the beauty of a flower lost in the shadows of trees, so there are significant personal insights which are hidden from one’s self.

To make the job easier there are a dozen questions you could use to help yourself to evaluate your own career and status.

  1. At the end of the week do I feel that I have achieved something?
  2. Have I been fairly paid for the work I do?
  3. Am I using my intellectual capacity?
  4. Am I doing the work I really want to do?
  5. Are the people I work with the sort of people I would choose to be with?
  6. In life do I know where I want to get to?
  7. To what extent am I using my expertise?
  8. Did I study the correct courses and subjects?
  9. What do I not know that stops me from being more effective?
  10. Do I need to think about further study or training?
  11. Am I satisfied with the promotion I have received?
  12. Do I receive due recognition for the work I do?

Hopefully, answering these questions has given the reader some added self insight. These questions do not make a psychometric instrument, though if there is too much uncertainty or too many no answers it may indicate that decision time is approaching……………..

With best wishes for the festive season and for a successful 2013

Fluxmans Consulting

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