As we approach the end of the year our thoughts start to lead to the future.

  • Should I stay or go?
  • Should I negotiate my package or await the answer from above?
  • Do I need to study further?
  • Do I want a more/less pressured role?
  • Do I want a new employer, town or country?
  • Do I want to move/return to a corporate role?

Of course, these are questions only you can answer, although there is, and should be, someone to act as a sounding board.

What FRRW Consulting has done this year to assist is to give a short and succinct report on salaries being earned by some attorneys in practice at large firms as well as candidate attorneys and legal secretaries.

There is no single correct way to decide on pay as there are so many complicating factors. Hopefully our report provides some help. Click on ‘Salary Survey’ to view the report.

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