Your CV – Friend or Foe

In many instances, the initial means of communication with a prospective employer is through the medium of curricula vitae. This highlights just how important it is for applicants to convey accurately just who they are, what they stand for, what they have done and what they want to do; more importantly, it must communicate what they have achieved. Applicants must communicate clearly to the potential employer about their current position and responsibilities. The other side of this is that employers must be able to comprehend the nature of their communication and apply their knowledge of the job demands to develop a working hypothesis. Applicants should not apply for positions that they are not suitable for. This hypothesis requires an assessment by employers of what is contained in the document and to be able to read between the lines. The working hypothesis could be that the applicant may be suitable for this or another position. The decision to reject an applicant on the basis that he or she is not suitable translates into its own self-evident truth that whether correct or incorrect, the curriculum vitae has been assessed as being unsuitable for the position. Having a curriculum vitae rejected is a decision of suitability for the position, not of the person’s worth as a human being.

A good way to view or review the curriculum vitae and reach a decision is to see it as a commercial product brochure where, instead of a product, it’s a human being. As each product would have its own style and message to communicate its virtues, so should the curriculum vitae convey the nature of the personality of the applicant.

Both applicants and employers should treat one another with respect. Applicants must submit an authentic and grammatically correct document created with care. Employers should ensure that curricula vitae received are carefully considered by a person who is competent to evaluate suitability for the position, not forgetting of course to acknowledge receipt of the application.

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